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History: It was a dark and stormy night..............
No, it was a dark and drunken night, somewhere
near Aberfoyle, in Canada, 1995, Eh. It was at Road House's run and
several digruntled vanners were sitting around bitching.....
(Photo sometime later) When the "discussion"
was over, out of the fog a new club was formed. We wanted to form a club that had minimum rules and regs, no formal meetings, and no officers, thus eliminating a lot of ego problems. We all do so many runs a year that we can meet and have fun at the same time. We have members from several other active clubs and have inherited a few from clubs that simply don't exist anymore. Currently our membership spans all the way from Ohio, to Canada, to Maryland and New York.
All Nite Vanners, the first five , were Donny the D.J., Kim
Scrub, Queen B, Gonzo, and Baron. As Van runs have come and gone we've grown and you can find 20 or more demented vanners partying under the All Nite banner. The original name was changed to All Nite Vans a couple of years ago mainly to make it shorter and cheaper to have embroidered items made. Our run range is anywhere we can drive a van, and we go anywhere time and money permits. So, look for the flashing "Sign of Sarcasm", stop by and have a refreshment, if we're not home, we're probably at your house!!!

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