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Yeah, It Seemed Like a good idea at the time,
build my own club trailer,save money,
 He He...........Right

...After several years of Vanning our collection of camping gear,tarps,decorations,toys,etc had spun out of control.

Add to that having a 5 year old and her toys and it was becoming a real pain in the ass. You know the drill. Drive,drive,drive, Pull in,Set Up, Fall Down. If you try to run light, leave the grill,stove,food coolers and related crap behind , I guarantee there will be No food vendors or vendors that are trying to make 2 years profit in 2 days. Leave the tarps behind and I guarantee there Will be monsoons.(Murphy's Law of Vanning) Well, getting to the point, we wanted to carry all the Junk and not have it in the van.Simple,build a club trailer. I ordered the trailer kit 2 months before we were to move to Ohio, plenty of time to build it and test it on a couple of runs.....The kit arrived the week before the move. Following is a series of pics taken from start to finish that may convince you to buy your trailer Preassembled!!!!


Of course, I had to paint it to match the van,using the
same overpriced metallic paint I had used on the van,adding additional expense to the job!!

Couldn't use the shop to paint indoors,had to paint outside,
assuring a textured bug and leaf effect essential to any custom
paint job!!!!

A solid work surface is essential!!!!

And make sure you have an uncluttered area to work in!!

I did however, have expert help!!! (Can you say Child Labor Laws? )

Ready to roll,but kinda useless to carry anything,yet.

Getting there!!!

A featureless box is born!!!!

The painting staff at Work... ( If ya have to feed and clothe them ya may as well put them to work!!)

Yes,After all that work,we have your Basic Blue Box
The blue whips serve a purpose as the lil trailer is basically
invisible behind the big van........
It looks kinda low,but with the original design it wanted
to roll over and play dead,something it's predecessor
already did on the way to the Nats!

That's it,except for the club "Moonguy" and lettering which
will have to wait for spring, The wife has this strange idea
I should work on our house,now.......
So, if you should decide to build a club trailer,a word of advice....
Don't... .. .. Buy a u-haul or something at auction,you'll be glad
you did!!!.

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