Updated March 12th, 1999 New Pics!!

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There are a lot more Vanner Party Pics than anything else.....I wonder Why that is...?

Buddy,headless,and "Tequila Sheila"

C'mon,Whap..Let's Do the "Wave"

Please...wake up and drink....

Steve O Bluegrass,again

Hey,who drank all the tequila?

Suzie in Civvies

Kat, from Kleveland,Kandy, and Kleavage.

So much to drink...so little Time...

This is taken from upper deck,around outdoor pool,am not sure who this is,but could think of a couple of awful things to do that I resisted,hehe.

The concensus was....Nice hair ,Nancy

Phrog and Dutch

(either Phrog's hair or Dutch's hat appears to be on fire)

Rascal and Jewels (Ohio)

Meanwhile, at the SOVC Bar



Nancy (nice hair!) and Woodstock

Wayne Dude and Kat, from Kleveland

Casualties in Vanning

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