Disclaimer (Not Really)

Actually, this is pretty funny as I'm not disclaiming anything,other then guestbook and forum posts, if it's on this site , I had something to do with it, it's my fault,so blame me.
There was some pretty nasty stuff being mass emailed around vannerland a few years ago and the guy doing it tried to pussy out by later adding a disclaimer to the top of later emails.I found this rather weak, and amusing, as unless he never read the emails he was copying and pasting into his own newsletter, of course he was responsible for the content. I was taught as a child you are responsible for what you say, do, and write.

.If you spread Bulllshit you can't deny you smelled it first.

Unless stated otherwise, everything on this site is mine, my opinion, my pictures, parodies, the dictionary, everything. I try to disguise you if you're naked on here, if I missed a pic, let me know,I'll correct that or delete it,if there are graphics here you claim are yours, let me know and I'll remove them. ( I make every attempt to use my own graphics, the rest, to the best of my knowledge, are fair use or public domain. )

On the other hand,if one of my parodies, themes, or definitions annoys or offends you, sorry, that is part of this site, and I won't make this site a boring clone of others . So, if you want to shoot me an attaboy or a rant,send it to me, there are no wimps here.

Or Disclaimers, either. lol.