Our "Mission"

Our Mission?

Actually, I guess to be accurate it would be
my mission as in the (almost) 8 years I've run this site my club has yet to kick in one thin dime to support it or add any content or ideas. Two members have contributed pics on and off and 6 vanners from outside the club but basically, this is a one vanner show. Please keep that in mind when you see updates taking awhile, I am limited in time and money as to what I can do.If you want to see more, send me something to post, I'm happy to post pics and whatnot.

 My Mission

Okay, my mission isn't all that lofty, I've seen some pretty pretentious ones on other sites but simply enough, I built this site to support vanning as I know it as actively as I can.

I have hosted/designed/hyped dozens upon dozens of van club runs and 2 Van Nationals sites, and not for attaboys, that's for certain, as those are far and few between but because I saw a need for a fun vanning site. I was inspired by Big Steve of Vans, Panels, and Animals who had one of the first and most irreverent vanning sites,I thank him for givng me the urge to build one myself. Thanks, Steve.

If you see a slant on here towards old school vanning, the fun part , the party part, the part that actually involves ( insists) on owning a damn van, that's because this site is biased towards those things.If you're looking for a KOA, for PC opinions and content,then you are in the wrong spot but if you are looking for a site that whole- heartedly supports vanning in all of it's twisted beauty then:


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