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"Provanity 19"

"CountDown To 2000"

Salt city once again outdid themselves working their butts off, proving, once again, the run doesn't have to be huge to be a great run. Attendance was down, and I'm not going to theorize why. It certainly wasn't for lack of commitment on the club's part. But, I will suggest something. If you want runs like this to continue, get off your asses and go....that's what vanners do!!

Meanwhile, here are the pics.....enjoy.....

Dutch, Ofv....don't know what was going on with the wrist....

Joanne, BGFNY/Allnite, And C.n., Roadhouse/allnite

Baron.......Vanner? to Vendor?

"Let the buyer beware"

Brother bob and animal, salt city

ava, mrs. you'd like to get hold of this pic

well, maybe my liver, after this run

Chet and others discussing the future of mankind and vanning, or maybe just drinking

Animal performs a spontaneous night game:

The object being , toss vendor kim into the air and bite her ass

Animal, exausted from the games, takes a little nap, and being a true vanner, never lets go of his drink

Judy, Dave, and Rick, Back Mountain vans, getting ready for the festivities

"Son of The sign of sarcasm", the original died a horrible death in trailer crash on way to nats last year...the caption reads...

"Today is not your day"

"tomorrow isn't looking good, either"

Dave, Salt city vans, and friend.....

Jim, "Sweetcheeks", back mountain vans

Wrestling?....a beating?.....they left the scene before I could find out
Oswego River vans' famous "Luge"

A cold Cocktail, Guaranteed

Ya know, all I could think about was putting your tongue on a railing in the winter...and having it freeze there....

And no obvious tissue damage, either

Western New York's Y2k Solutions

Bert, Western NY, posing with the Computer crashing station.

But first, Mickey serves up blender "solutions" to the crowd

After the puters crashed

The Mr. and Ms. contest

sorry ,ladies, all we have are butt pics for you.

this looked like a battle, not a competition

Don't know who won, just glad they got up there.

the bad Girls Make (over) a new friend

A fetching shade of polish, yes?

Almost done

Voila!! Another one bites the Dust

Doc, New England....I like the expression.

Lisa D., BGFNY, And Alex, my lil one, Clinging to Rick, from Oswego River Vans

Kathy, Roadhouse, and Lynn, bgfny

that's it for' editing and scanning.......stay tuned........

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