Spring Thaw 18

Held April 16th, 17th, and 18th, 1999

"Hooked On Vanning"

Drove most of the 6 hour, 400 mile trip thru 40-50 mph crosswinds, hail,and rain...Ran thru this rainbow just before I got there!! A sign!!

Lynn, Bgfny/All Nite...Funny, I don't remember it raining.

Joanne, Bgfny/All Nite , and Dave...gee, doesn't look cold, does it?


Chuck, Back Mountain Vans...Good to see ya, Buddy, now open your eyes!!

Sandy,Bgfny, Happy Face

Fred, Back Mountain Vans...Sorry , Fred, I'm not sure that's a face even a mother could love....

Gary, 13's

Penny and Fred ,Back Mountain...Fred is sporting his new "Beagle Boys" jeans.


John, Flying Dutchmen,with his slinky new colors.

Hey,is that Your Dog?

Billy,Animal,Heath, and Pat....Various clubs...pick one.

An unknown Penis Pic

A shy, unknown Penis Pic

Kenny, Salt City Vans

Heath and Animal..Salt City

Mark and Laurie,Back Mountain...I appear to have scared the crap out of him and bored her to sleep.

The end of the the run....and the Van ice chest

Terry Cook would be sooo proud

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