Just  Parody of the real party held in Brighton, England, in February 2000


Dean Moore attempted a comeback of his ole Promoter Run, Vanfest,this is a spoof of it.

This is a lighthearted,(for the most part)poke at the location of the CofC meeting in 2000.When I thought of going and was researching it I typed Brighton into a search engine and 99% of the results espoused Brighton as the biggest Gay vacation spot in Europe. Sick pup that I am ,that struck me as a humorous place to have a Vanning Event. No offence is meant to the hosts, it's just for fun


       This a spoof ofthe old Van Run, "Vanfest", Well, actually, the attempted comeback run. The run never happened, his promotion site for it is gone, but the parody of it remains.

 A Run for the so called civilized vanner. ( Not us, that's for sure....lol)


There is quite a bit of controversy going on in Vanning as to whether we should have any of the behaviour that made us famous (Infamous ?) in the past. This is a parody inspired by a recent Host/Vanner conflict on fun versus absolute quiet. Check out this parody, I think you'll know where I stood on the issue when I built it.lol.


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