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Yes, back by popular demand, it's Vanfraud !!! New, improved for the year 2000, with more things to do, more entertainment for the easily bored, hard to please, and difficult to amuse.....We've been gone for years, you thought you were well rid of us but now we're back to grab some more easy Vanner bucks!!
We have no grounds yet, we've been thrown out of so many in the past for rotten behavior we are still waiting for the grounds owners to forget us....and the awful reputation we helped bring to Vanning, but , when they do, this is what you'll get....

We plan on having Valet Parking at the grounds, Shuttles running hourly to and from the local Airport/ Helipad and Car/Van rentals, Manicures , Pedicures, Masseuses, Saunas, Tennis, Bingo, Indoor pools, Personal trainers,18 hole golf course, private enclosed golf carts, and much, much, more!!!

Plus....That's not all you'll get!!!
Food will be provided by overpriced restaurants and vendors all over the grounds, Extra ATM cash machines will be in place because we know you'll need them!!

New Awards and Trophies

. New Award Categories geared for the Y2K Vanner/Awards for:
Most frequent flyer miles!!.....

Most Van rentals in a year!!

Most Hotel receipts!!

Biggest House trailer or Motor home!!

Long distance towing of custom van!!( no fair actually driving it, now!)

Most household appliances, ie: microwaves, color tvs, household air conditioners, connected to a single power pole!! and

New, just for the millenium:

Most Useless Whining about Petty Things!!!

How can we do all this, you ask??!!!

How can we provide so much for so little?!!

What's our Secret??

It's Simple!!

We're Promoters, for goodness sakes, not a sanctioned run, we donate No money to charities*,We have No club functions that support Vanning, We keep All the profits, and pass the "savings" on to you!!

Stay tuned for a date...we are looking at a couple of dates that already have established Van runs, we figure after all these years we'll just come back and drain the vans and people off of those runs, what the heck do we care if we kill a run or two !!!

*(demographic surveys have shown that not that many very sick or really needy people go to Van runs, so why give them any of the money we make from you ???!!)

**Two per cent?...are you kidding??....that 2% is just there to make this run look Official and Vanner friendly .If we were Two per cent would we even think of holding our run on someone else's eVant weekend, and for that matter ,if You were Two per cent would you even consider attending a Promoter run????

Click on a Link below for helpful run info

Note: The Greedvan© Logo, The Name "Vanfraud©, The Vanfraud banner©, " and everything else we could get our paws on is registered with the U.S Patent Office in Washington D.C.,( Not to be confused with a patent office there might be in say, Bumfuk, Egypt) so don't steal them or we'll sue you.

(like they really are ,like you'd want to steal them, and like we would care....hehe)

And remember....Vanning is All About Brotherhood and People!!