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A Short Blathering 
If you're a regular, welcome back,I hope you like the remodeling efforts, if you're new here, welcome to my never-ending nightmare. This site has evolved through 8 years,7 digital cameras, 11 computers, and 5 web hosts. The only constant has been me, and I've made every attempt to make the site as different and interesting as possible. You may have noticed that most of the Van Run pics here are part of themes ,a central concept that's decided by the host of the runs,ie: Mash, Halloween,Beach Party, etc.

It takes a lot more work then it appears what with art, concept, and setup, but I believe it adds a lot to the enjoyment of the pics.

Or, as a friend of mine once said as a really left-handed compliment: Anyone with a digital camera, a modem, amd a mouse can upload a batch of pics with no form, rhyme,or reason. but it takes a demented artist to build a theme around them, to make them interesting ( At least I
think that was a compliment lol) Anyhow, you will see a lot of themes invading the website.

Many runs I have attended ( about 90%) are not included in the links below, many ( about 5 years worth) are on video and I will be doing still captures and adding them to the site over the long winter.Some are 35mm and have yet to be scanned; sadly,many are misplaced.

I build a new machine every year or so and between swapping stuff from drive to drive, transferring files up and down to my hosting accounts ,and a couple of crashes from lousy servers before I learned to update everything frequently; all have taken their toll. Some are my fault, when I first started this site I had no idea how big it would get and organization was not what it could be.

If you start at the bottom links you can see the site evolve as I went from my first digital camera in 97 ( expensive but low res and un user friendly) to camera number seven purchased last year. I changed hosts seeking bigger bandwidth and larger storage several times so I could increase the quality/ quantity of the content here, but even though I am skilled enough to use them I still do not use java, popups,annoying Macromedia Flash or the like intros,

( other then my lil All Nite animation gif on the index page)

I hate them myself,and when I visit other sites I think they just waste time you could be surfing a site. Anyhow, as winter approcahes and van runs come to a close I will be scanning and capturing and digging thru the archives for new/old material to post here. If you have pics, feel free to share them, I have lots of space and would be happy to post them,until then, enjoy the site.....

Donny "The DJ" Pisarczyk -All Nite Vans- October 2005

33rd Van Nationals-2005- Editing-Will be up soon
Provanity 25-2005
Susquehanna Valley Vans'Spring Thaw 24-2005
Bad Girls Flamingo Fest 14-August 2004
32nd Van Nationals-2004
Susquehanna Valley Vans'Spring Thaw 23-2004
Bad Girls Flamingo Fest 13-August 2003
Lost Memorial Day Weekend-May 2003
Susquehanna Valley Vans' Spring Thaw 22-April 2003
Summerset -Pa Van Council-2002
Bad Girls Flamingo Fest 12-"You're a Good Van, Charlie Brown"August 2002
31st Van Nationals-July 17th-21st-2002
Lost Memorial Day Weekend- May 2002
Susquehanna Valley Vans' Spring Thaw 21-April 2002
Bad Girls Flamingo Fest 11- Rocky Horror Picture Show-August 2001
29th Van Nationals and Warmups- July 16th - 22nd 2001
 Salt City Vans' Provanity 21- June 2001
Lost Memorial Day Weekend -May 25th-28th 2001
 Susquehanna Valley Vans' Spring Thaw 20 2001
Salt City Vans's Mid-Winter Party....... February 24th, 2001
Summerset Pa. Van Council October 2000
Bad Girls From New York Flamingo Fest 10 August 2000
28th Van Nationals July 2000
Salt City Vans' "Provanity 20" June 2000
Susquehanna Valley Vans' "Spring Thaw 19" 2000
Council of Councils -Wisconsin Van Council-1999
Bad Girls From New York "Flamingo Fest 9" 1999
Salt City Vans' "Provanity 19" 1999
Susquehanna Valley Vans' "Spring Thaw 18" April 1999
Concerned Vanners' "Lost Memorial Day Weekend May 1998"
Bad Girls' "Flamingo Fest 8" 1998
Susguehanna Valley Vans' "Spring Thaw 17"
Salt City Vans' "Provanity 18" 1998
Salt City Vans' Midwinter Party 98
Council of Councils -1998 Virginia Beach

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